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Niagara Bubble Spray Faucet Aerator

I-NIAFACAER-01-XXXX-XXXX-V1 5.0 star rated
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  • Energy Star: No
  • Water Sense: Yes
  • Media Feature: images/Lifestyle_Images/I-NIAFACAER-01-XXXX-XXXX-V1_info1.jpg
  • Media Feature Markdown: Dual-threaded so the aerator will work with most standard faucets (Male: 15/16-27, Female: 55/64-27). Installation is easy and does not require any tools. For additional information, please view this [installation video.]({openNewTab})
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  • Brand: Niagara
  • Water Saving Fixture: Faucet
  • Water Sense: Yes
  • Adjustable Spray: No
  • Maximum Flow: 1.0 GPM
  • Manual Trickle Valve: No
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 10 Years
Model: N3210B-PC
This pressure-compensated bubble spray aerator produces a consistent and forceful stream while also conserving water. It has a flow rate of 1 gallon per minute, which can save you money and conserve water. This aerator is brass with a dual-threaded body, fitting most male and female threaded faucets. This product is under a 10-year manufacturer limited warranty.   ### In the box * 1 Niagara Bubble Spray Faucet Aerator